No more I love you’s (#OriginalMyAss #5)

Other than the fact that she looks like a complete psycho surrounded by even weirder people in the music video, I actually like NO MORE I LOVE YOU’S as performed by the always great ANNIE LENNOX in 1995.  The video only needs a clown or two to be a homage to my nightmares.

And it’s not just me who likes the song, she won a Grammy for her performance of the song, as the lead single from her second solo album ‘Medusa’.  But who knew this was a cover? I think I would have to apologize to a few of her fans with this, so unnecessary, piece of information.

The original was written and first recorded in 1986 by the band The Lover Speaks and sounds like a bad rip-off of the hit by Madam Annie.

I swear (#OriginalMyAss Ep2)

This one was a shocker.  Not only for the extremely bad video, that’s basically about four guys stalking a woman from a rooftop, or the freakish mustaches some of the band members attempted to wear but the fact that this song was actually a country song before it turned into R&B gold for ALL-4-ONE.

And here they are with their cover of I SWEAR.  It even gave them a Grammy for best performance by a group and bragging rights for hitting the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot100 for a week.  Their version also competed for Song of the Year at the 1995 Grammys.

The original was performed by John Michael Montgomery a year before their version broke. Please be warned that the linked video drips of sentiment like only a good ole country music video can.

PS – The group also covered his “I can love you like that” which also competed for Song of the Year at the 1996 Grammys.  But don’t worry, I’m not going to post that song too.

Torn (#OriginalMyAss Ep1)

I’m appalled and my whole childhood was a lie.

I’ve recently started digging up information on which famous songs were actually covered by the artist who made them famous.  This random research project was sparked by the brilliant cover of Sounds of Silence from Disturbed.  (The song was featured on this site before.)  And we can all agree that their version is better than the original.

*backing away from the crowd

What I didn’t expect was to find so many famous songs that was actually covers, previously recorded by other singers, before it turned into hits.

This will be a series of posts which I will call #OriginalMyAss and please be warned that it might destroy your childhood and love for certain songs.


It was originally recorded by some unpronounceable Danish girl in 1993, then again by Ednaswap in 1995, before it turned into a debut hit single for Natalie in 1997.

Now you know.  And I’m sorry.

Love is all around

A long, long time ago in an era where poking friends implied a sexual activity and not something you do with fake friends on a social platform.  Or when twitter was the sound made by a sick bird and not something I could waste several hours on, there was a skinny squire with mousy hair and a stunning personality.  He fell in love with the prettiest maiden in all the land and low and behold she agreed to marry him two years later.

Twenty years later that awkward squire turned into a father and the most beautiful maiden is still the envy of every man who meets her.  We are still living our own happily ever after, even if we have to share our living space with two teenagers.

Celebrating my astonishingly, amazing Wife and our 20 years together, I’m posting the first song we heard as a married couple.  WET WET WET singing LOVE IS ALL AROUND.

I love you more, every day, since the moment we met and you’ve changed my life forever.

Janie’s got a gun

Remember when M-TV actually showed music videos?  Can you believe this one was banned by the channel due to “graphic depiction” of incest?  WTF?  It’s called suggestion people.  Do they even know what shit they have on their channel now?

This video was made during an era when music videos were actually kind of entertaining and most of them tried to convey the message of the song.  This one definitely did that for me.  Unfortunately it’s a time forgotten.

I heard this song on the way to work and was struck once again by the crystal clear, unfiltered, in-your-face, what-ar-u-gonna-do-about-it message on child abuse.

Speak.  Listen.  Act.


This was a huge hit when I was a kid.  The album of this Swedish band went gold down here in South Africa.  And that is the truth and not me trying to be funny.

So why would I pick this as my song of the week?  I had an amazing experience on Saturday and couldn’t find a song that express the level of serenity I experienced being in the middle of the deep blue waters of the Indian ocean.  So I figured this one might do the trick. The lyrics makes a little connection here and there…

I took the liberty of highlighting the obvious differences.

I’ll be waiting on the Highland (I was at sea)
With its wonderful serenity
Where the stars glow and the brooks flow (It was during the day and the sun was vicious)
That’s my way of life (I’m not a pirate or a skipper)
When the mountains on the Highland (You got to focus, the ocean not the mountain)
And the nature is surrounding me
When the wind blows
That’s all I need, all I need (with great company and a few beers)

So this is actually nothing like the mind-blowing trip I had, but nonetheless I still hope you’ll enjoy ONE MORE TIME belting out Highland.