In case you were wondering

I love music.  Music has the ability to capture a moment in time.  Music can define an event or a specific day.  Music can be the symbol of a decade, the anthem of a generation.

Music is powerful.  Music is art.  Music is beautiful.  Music is God’s gift to man. Just like writing.

Which is the reason why I wanted to do this.  I wanted to create a little space where I can capture my mood with a choice of song every now and then.  A diary of music that might inspire someone reading this.  Make people feel a little better.  Making someone a little less sad.  Maybe be the reason for providing them with a smile, a little inspiration.

Because music can do all those things.  Music is a miracle and if I cannot create a miracle, I’m certainly prepared to share one.  And I’ll be sharing one every now and then, when the mood strikes me. Don’t worry, it won’t happen during the weekends as I also enjoy doing nothing.

PS – Header image borrowed from, cropped by yours truly. 😉

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