Rise up

We are surrounded with inspiration every day, we just need to open our eyes to see it.  People who do amazing things against the odds.  People who live and breathe and get up every morning despite the difficulty of doing so.

We don’t have any excuses.  Life does bitch slap you every so often and I would be the first to admit that things doesn’t always go your way but the choice to get up and rise above your situation is yours.  Unfortunately no-one can get up for you, that is all you. They can provide support and a whole lot of encouragement but in the end the “standing and facing life” part is all up to you.

And it’s not easy.  It takes courage.  And commitment.  And an endless source of positive energy.  But IT IS POSSIBLE.  I was floored by this amazing anthem last night about the pure, brutal determination of the human spirit.  How we as humans have an ability to defy the odds, to get up again.  And again.  And again.  A thousand times.

If you’re fortunate to be standing today, find someone who needs a little help.  A little encouragement.  A little love to rise up as well.  And give it to them.  I hope ANDRA DAY singing RISE UP  will be the inspiration you need to find that someone today.


F*ckin’ Perfect

(I’m sorry for the f-bomb, it belongs to P!NK, not me.)

Why do people prefer to think they’re not good enough?  Why do humans compare themselves with others and immediately assume the worst?  Why do we constantly question our own value as a person?  Do we like to torture ourselves? Or do we simply choose to ignore the good things around us.  Do we really think our flaws makes us unlovable?  Why is it easier to believe that we’re not worthy?

In our mission of becoming perfect, we forget that being human implies having flaws.  Everyone makes mistakes.  The important thing is to learn from them.  Life is a never-ending cycle of change and  growth.  And in the end you might even learn the most valuable lesson of all…

Nobody is ever going to be perfect because it’s about being F*CKIN’ PERFECT for each other.  Just embrace the person you are, as everyone else have already.


Janie’s got a gun

Remember when M-TV actually showed music videos?  Can you believe this one was banned by the channel due to “graphic depiction” of incest?  WTF?  It’s called suggestion people.  Do they even know what shit they have on their channel now?

This video was made during an era when music videos were actually kind of entertaining and most of them tried to convey the message of the song.  This one definitely did that for me.  Unfortunately it’s a time forgotten.

I heard this song on the way to work and was struck once again by the crystal clear, unfiltered, in-your-face, what-ar-u-gonna-do-about-it message on child abuse.

Speak.  Listen.  Act.

Get thru this

I’m sorry was also one of their hits.  I’m talking about the band ART OF DYING.  (How the hell do they come up with these names? OK wait, I think I know…) I’m just using the phrase because some of the limited followers of this specific blog might not appreciate the rock phase I’m going through.  I can’t help it, I’m a man with a wide array of musical tastes.  (And personalities, it seems.)

BUT this is a another one of those great, inspiring and somewhat surprising songs.  Everyone has tough times and this song is an anthem to surviving tough times.  Because if you’re in it and you can GET THRU THIS, you can get through anything.

I found this song on one of the Transformers Soundtrack Albums. Don’t ask any questions…Just enjoy the damn song.

(I purposefully chose the lyric video because the actual video is crap.)

The Sound of Silence

Do I like heavy metal?  Hell no! The screeching of guitars and screams mascarading as singing has never poked my interest.  I like to hear the lyrics and just like canines I cannot handle high pitch screeching noises.  BUT every so often some of these bands are able to create haunting pieces of music. Songs that gives me goosebumps, in a good way off course.

As is the case with DISTURBED and their rendition of the old Simon and Garfunkel classic THE SOUND OF SILENCE.  In this clip you can also see how a video can lift a song to an artform.  You will not find one guest celebrity or any woman shaking her booty in the face of a rapper sitting in a chair.  A rare find these days.

And here I am not even being the greatest fan of covers BUT…

Were you able to look away at any moment during the song? I couldn’t but I’m weak.  Just a sucker for a good song.  I was absolutely transfixed.

Do yourselves a favour and check out their video for The Light as well, truly inspirational stuff.

Maybe they’re not a heavy metal band as per Wikipedia.  They’re a little more rock  which is why I got the album.

Only Time

We’ve all had weeks like this, or rather, like that, as I’m referring to the last one.  A week that kicked off at the pace of a dying snail, with every minute being 130 seconds long. Only to speed up and finish with a mad dash that would make Usain Bolt envious.

Even though nothing in life is more predictable than the fact that time waits for no-one, the irony lies in the fact that specific situations influence our interpretation of how fast it moves.

When you’re doing something terrible, like sitting in a queue, it always feels like time has simply forgotten about your existence.  Compared to when you’re doing something fun, like being on a holiday, then time speeds past you like a freight train, with no consideration as to how much you actually needed said holiday.

Only Time can be that spiteful.  Or is it just me?

Anyhow, here’s Enya celebrating my love-hate relationship with time.

Ballade vir ‘n Enkeling

I know, I know.  You must be thinking WHAT THE F?CK.  In my defence I would say: Stay Calm and Listen to Afrikaans.  And please forgive my little transgression…

My pick for the day is a song about being alone and can roughly be translated as “An Ode for the Loner”.  It’s a theme song of a highly successful movie here in South Africa.  And I couldn’t help myself, as I felt a little alone yesterday, stuck with my own anger, resentment and frustration.  You know, my own crap.

I’m much better now, thank you for caring, but I still reminisce about how weird life is with all its bumps and turns.  It’s not just about handling the great days, but also managing and getting through the crappy ones.  Here’s my ode to those of us who feel alone sometimes, even when we are surrounded by a million people.  And even more importantly, getting over yourself and moving on.

Let’s celebrate that victorious moment of the human spirit with Ballade vir ‘n Enkeling as sung by Die Heuwels Fantasties. In Afrikaans.