Beautifully broken

A picture says a thousand words but the right song at the right time will speak to you forever. Just like this one.  I know there are people out there that need this song today and this is why I’m sharing it. The lyrics says it all.

Every tear, every doubt
Every time you’ve fallen down
When you’re hurting, feeling ashamed
When you’re numbing off your pain
When you’ve lost your way
And feel so far away
You’re not

You’re beautifully broken
And You can be whole again
Even a million scars doesn’t change whose you are
You’re worthy
Beautifully broken


Please share this song with those who need it today.

Never enough

The Greatest Showman is quite a show, even though Dude had some serious concerns about Wolverine dance and sing.  He got over it fairly quickly.  It is probably one of the best musicals I’ve seen in a very long time and this is mainly because I don’t watch musicals.  The family were forced to watch this one because of a nagging Princess.  It was worth it.

Yes it’s cheesy and yes it’s predictable and yes it’s an exaggerated life story using extensive poetic licensing…but what a beautiful movie it makes. The set pieces are astonishing, the cast shine throughout and the music is actually something I would listen to.  All in all, great family entertainment.

What makes this movie truly spectacular is the message.  A message of being human and acknowledging differences in people.  A celebration of our uniqueness.  It’s a movie that teaches us to be ourselves, to embrace everything that is you.  And not conform to what we think other people wants us to be.  Because if you chase the latter, you might just find it is NEVER ENOUGH.

PS – I pray that one day a man will look at my daughter the same way Hugh Jackman stares at Jenny in this scene from the Greatest Showman.

Not to ruin the movie for anyone but the real star of this song is the actual singer, LOREN ALLRED.  You can watch her life version of the song here.


It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Deadpool.  Like really, really big.  Like groupie level.  Of Celine Dion a little less so.

Until now.  Watch this video and you will understand. CELINE DION is hitting ASHES out of the park. And Deadpool is Deadpool.

Wild hearts can’t be broken

I know this is unfair.  I haven’t posted in a million days and when I do, it’s another song from P!NK.  Well what can I say, this lady can sing and her ballads are among the best out there.  Her words pours directly out of her soul and her voice elevates normal notes to something that belongs in a different dimension.

So in honour of my return to this blog, let’s celebrate with WILD HEARTS CAN’T BE BROKEN by the greatest artist working at the moment.

And if this video doesn’t stir something in your soul it’s only because you don’t have one.

Be inspired.

What about us

I’ve edited this post to include the video that was released today.  I wonder what the reaction is going to be on this video…let’s just say it’s thought provoking.

It’s been a long time coming. Five years and counting. But the night is drawing to a close. Dawn is breaking on 13 October 2017 when the always awesome P!NK drops her new album called, Beautiful Trauma.  I simply. Cannot. Wait. Any longer.

It’s a follow up of her 2012 critically acclaimed album, The truth about love.  What’s remarkable is that this is only her seventh album, even though her library of songs will put most other artists to shame.

Like most of her previous songs, WHAT ABOUT US, which dropped today, this one also sounds to be like an anthem of note.  And who can blame her, a lot of things has changed in five years…

Let’s welcome her back with a great song!