I’m sorry, it’s another post featuring an Afrikaans song but on my way to work, I was killing this tune in my own version of carpool karaoke.  And don’t worry there was no-one else in the car, as it only happened after I dropped my kids at school, so there were no teenagers harmed during my performance.

I’m not even sure why I like the song so much.  Maybe it’s the lyrics, or her voice, or maybe because she’s not ugly to look at.  I suspect it’s a combination of everything because I’m not shallow.  I think…

So here is NADINE performing SKILDERY which is a song about a woman who wants to paint her feelings for a guy, on a blank canvas.  Ironically, she ends up being the woman covered in paint, in this video.  (Wife was a little annoyed about the fact that they ruined a perfectly nice dress in the making thereof.)


Sometimes I can be spiteful but now is not one of those times.

Even though I’m posting another Afrikaans song, something I haven’t done in ages.  It’s just that this song speaks to my concerns of Princess who’s very close to having a boyfriend…  More about that later…

The song is about a girl who is wondering whether the full moon has something to do with her sudden love for a certain guy.

LEAH is making a name for herself down here in South Africa and I figured, why not share the gems we have with the rest of the world?  So to my English followers, I apologize, but I hope you enjoy VOLMAAN.  (Her, not being ugly, also makes for pleasant viewing.)

Stad van verlange

Don’t worry, there is no typo in the title of this post.

As this blog celebrates music of all genres and generations, I do like to return to my roots every so often.  And by that I mean, posting a song in Afrikaans, my first language.

STAD VAN VERLANGE is roughly translated as CITY OF LONGING and is sung by FRANJA DU PLESSIS, her first single.  The lyrics deals with regret and missed opportunities and how we should hold on and fight for love instead of just giving up on it.

She’s the daughter of Juanita du Plessis who, if anyone cared, is the most successful female recording artist in Afrikaans.  It’s evident that she’s much more than just a simple chip off the old block.

Stop, wag, bly nog ‘n bietjie.

Beefcakes.  They’re everywhere nowadays.  Magazines, movies, in my mirror… Flaunting their physiques for everyone to see.  Finding silly excuses to take of their shirts and walk around flexing those six-packs.  Seducing little girls everywhere.  It’s a disgrace I tell you!

And then some of them sing, getting an even bigger platform for their seductive games.

Like this dude, Brendon Peyper singing his hit Stop, wag, bly nog ‘n bietjie, whilst washing a horse. Shirtless. Random much? It bugs me because Princess thinks he is hot.  And that makes me worry.  I used to be the only hotty in her life.

Yes, it’s Afrikaans.

Sandra Prinsloo

O-kay, let’s balance the force with the last posting on my little series of celebrities mentioned in the title of songs.  And I’m balancing it with another Afrikaans song.

Sandra Prinsloo is like the South African version of Meryl Streep.  Without the Oscars.  She is a prolific actress who has stared in too many movies to mention and is still actively working today. If we had knights, she would have been Dame Sandra Prinsloo.

So without further ado, let’s listen to this “tribute” to Sandra Prinsloo as sung by Elvis se Seun, featuring the all girl band Mwah!

If you were wondering, this guy is not really related to Elvis.  I think…

My Hartjie

I’ve done it again.  Posted an Afrikaans song, only because every time the Wife and Princess hears the song it goes on full blast.  Thinking about it, it’s actually beyond full blast. I am fearing for the speakers. It’s way louder than one would expect from a teacher or a responsible parent.  You can hear them coming from several blocks away. With closed windows. And their excuse?

“We love the song!”

So I played the role of responsible parent, for once, and decided to judge the song on a more moderate volume. Only to end up turning the dial a few notches and jumping into my own vey bad kareoke version of it. This song is highly infectious.  Albeit in Afrikaans.

It’s my blog, I can do what I want.

So enjoy My Hartjie as sung by the Princess of Afrikaans Pop, Karlien van Jaarsveld.

Ballade vir ‘n Enkeling

I know, I know.  You must be thinking WHAT THE F?CK.  In my defence I would say: Stay Calm and Listen to Afrikaans.  And please forgive my little transgression…

My pick for the day is a song about being alone and can roughly be translated as “An Ode for the Loner”.  It’s a theme song of a highly successful movie here in South Africa.  And I couldn’t help myself, as I felt a little alone yesterday, stuck with my own anger, resentment and frustration.  You know, my own crap.

I’m much better now, thank you for caring, but I still reminisce about how weird life is with all its bumps and turns.  It’s not just about handling the great days, but also managing and getting through the crappy ones.  Here’s my ode to those of us who feel alone sometimes, even when we are surrounded by a million people.  And even more importantly, getting over yourself and moving on.

Let’s celebrate that victorious moment of the human spirit with Ballade vir ‘n Enkeling as sung by Die Heuwels Fantasties. In Afrikaans.