This was a huge hit when I was a kid.  The album of this Swedish band went gold down here in South Africa.  And that is the truth and not me trying to be funny.

So why would I pick this as my song of the week?  I had an amazing experience on Saturday and couldn’t find a song that express the level of serenity I experienced being in the middle of the deep blue waters of the Indian ocean.  So I figured this one might do the trick. The lyrics makes a little connection here and there…

I took the liberty of highlighting the obvious differences.

I’ll be waiting on the Highland (I was at sea)
With its wonderful serenity
Where the stars glow and the brooks flow (It was during the day and the sun was vicious)
That’s my way of life (I’m not a pirate or a skipper)
When the mountains on the Highland (You got to focus, the ocean not the mountain)
And the nature is surrounding me
When the wind blows
That’s all I need, all I need (with great company and a few beers)

So this is actually nothing like the mind-blowing trip I had, but nonetheless I still hope you’ll enjoy ONE MORE TIME belting out Highland.

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