Run Silent Run Deep

It’s been almost two months since my last post.  Shocking, is it not?

What’s even worse is the moment when I realised that I have not posted one of my ALL TIME GREATEST songs on this blog.  What kind of person am I becoming!  This song hails from the eighties, obviously, because that’s when all the great music was recorded.  Did you know that every time you listen to an eighties song it makes you a better person?

SHAKESPEARES SISTER is probably better known for their hit song Stay, but I simply love how their voices work together on the lyrics of RUN SILENT.  I still can’t get enough of this song and the sadness of the group breaking up, more than 20 years ago.  The duo only released two albums because the ladies couldn’t get along.  *insert gif of two cats fighting in a mud pit*

Enjoy and you’re welcome.

I drove all night (#OriginalMyAss #6)

I didn’t forget about the people who are anxiously waiting for me to continue my series on hits that’s actually covers of pre-released songs.

This time it’s the turn of CYNDI LAUPER with her rendition of I DROVE ALL NIGHT, which some might call her signature song.  O-kay, “some” being me.  She also got a Grammy nomination for her version of the song.  It remains one of my favourites of the eighties and I reckon it’s better than the original, as recorded by Roy Orbison two years prior in 1987.

After it was made famous by Miss Lauper, they released his “original” version in 1992. His version became a hit overseas and also gave him a Grammy.

So technically this isn’t a cover.  Or is it?  Enjoy my peeps.  You can watch Jason Priestly and Jennifer Connelly make out to the original here.

The best (#OriginalMyAss Ep3)

I’ve never been a major fan of the music of TINA TURNER, I was a bigger fan of her legs. But when she dropped THE BEST as the lead single to her 1989 “Foreign Affair”, it quickly became a favourite at our local school dances. It was a make-out song of note. Some people even bought the album!

Imagine my disappointment to learn that she wasn’t the first woman to record this song.  It also quite strange that she seems to be flirting with a horse in the video of the song. Or maybe it’s just me.

The original version was sung by Bonnie Tyler in 1988 and it sounds basically the same and the video is also pretty awful.

Moonlight on water


It’s one of her less famous songs but one of my favourites.  Most people only know Gloria or Solitaire but I’m here to educate and enlighten.  The song appeared on my eighties playlist this morning and I knew it had to be shared.  It took me back a couple of hundred years, to a time when I was a teenager.

Looking at the video, it’s more proof that the artists of the late eighties and the early nineties were all people tripping on acid.  I mean this is such a weird concept for a video because it has NOTHING to do with the lyrics of the song.  Come to think of it, the lyrics is pretty weird too.

Anyhow, she’s got them some amazing vocal chords.

Weak in the presence of beauty

I heard this song on my playlist this morning and got lost in it completely.  I was singing carpool karaoke like my life depended on it.  People were staring and fortunately it was on a quiet piece of road because I think I would have stopped traffic.

I’m kind of disappointed in the video because I didn’t expect to see a baby crawling around…It’s just weird.

In celebrating getting weak with all the beautiful things surrounding us every day, like the Wife, please enjoy ALISON MOYET‘s hit from a million years ago, as per my kids, WEAK IN THE PRESENCE OF BEAUTY.

The Power of love

I just got a notification on my music streaming site that JENNIFER RUSH released a greatest hit compilation spanning from 1983 to 2010.  I didn’t even know she still sang in the last two decades…

In celebration of the greatest decade in music, I decided to post the POWER OF LOVE.  My kids would probably disagree but EIGHTIES rule!  And we can all agree that there is still no greater power than that on this blue spinning ball of ours.  Love, compassion and forgiveness.  It’s probably more important than ever.

I find it extremely ironic to see the world Trade Center Towers in the opening shot of a song about the power of love.  Still hurts to look at them.  And I’m not even American.