Leave out all the rest

I was shocked to hear about the tragic death of Chester Bennington, who for those of you don’t know, is the frontman of Linkin Park.  One of my favourite bands, even though there last record sucked…

I don’t normally get caught up with celebrities and their lives but there has been moments where I would sit back in disbelief about tragedies like this one.  Another one that blew me out of the water was the death of Robin Williams.

LINKIN PARK has been making amazing music for more than a decade, an most of it occurred outside of the Transformer movie series.  My opinion might not mean anything to most people but I think we have lost, not only a great voice, but an amazing talent.

You will me missed but your music will live on forever. RIP.

To honour the memory of a legacy left behind, I’m posting LEAVE OUT ALL THE REST.

If I were a boy (#OriginalMyAss Ep4)

Hair will be torn out of skulls and clothes will be torn of bodies…people will revolt!

Some might even fall into some kind of weird depression but everyone will fact check me on this cover.   Go ahead, it’s all over the internet…

You’re back?  Convinced?  Fact remains, BEYONCE has also recorded a cover, even though it seems totally unbelievable.  I mean who else could bring justice to a song like IF I WERE A BOY, released in 2008?  And what normal person out there can resist ending the video before the *spoiler alert* gender swop is revealed.

It’s the stuff of magic.

I have to confess, her version is a MAJOR improvement on the original recording that was made by BC Jean, who also happened to write the song.

Not to be judgmental, but the original version now sounds like a bad Idols audition…

Can’t get you out of my head

Heard this song on the radio on the way to work and it send a flush of memories and now I can’t get this damn song out of my head.  So what other choice did I have than posting it here..

For most of us this song was the ultimate earworm of the 2000’s.  And it wasn’t too ugly to look at either.

Notorious for the catchy hook and the revealing one piece she wore, KYLIE MINOGUE shines through her signature tune CAN’T GET YOU OUT OF MY HEAD.

Not ready to make nice

This lyrics still resonates as accurate commentary on how freedom of speech can really piss of a few people.  Especially if you know the back story to the song and the resulting success they had with it.  (Whether or not you agree with them is not important over here.)

I really like the song because I’m somewhat of a country fan and they sound great on the track.  What struck me was the black-and-white imagery used in the video.  It’s an ingenious way of presenting the whole concept of who’s right and who’s wrong.

Because sometimes it’s much easier to forgive than to forget…

So with that in mind, enjoy THE DIXIE CHICKS with NOT READY TO MAKE NICE.


Dude introduced me to this song to me on route to school this morning.  And I am blown away!!  I know it’s and old song but I never considered myself a fan of EMINEM because he raps.  And being the music snob that I was in my younger days, I missed this precious gem completely.

MOCKINGBIRD has to be one of THE most honest songs I heard.  It’s amazing, thought provoking, tragic in a way.  It’s a song he sings to his daughter about being absent, trying to best parent he could and the mistakes he makes along the way.

Maybe it’s because I’m a parent, but something stirred violently in my soul when I heard this song.  I had to fight back tears.  It’s just so raw.  Caring and nurturing and parenting has to be the epitome of what it means to be human and the reason why we’re placed on earth.

Without me

Today was Dude’s turn to play DJ on route to school and he opted for WITHOUT ME by EMINEM.  I think it was featured in Suicide Squad. How else would he hear this ancient rap song?  I’m actually not a big fan of rap music because I’m forty-two.

BUT I have to admit, once I dropped them off right in front of the gate because that’s what Dad’s do, I pumped up the volume and listened to the song again.  Within seconds I was having way too much fun on my own.  I was dancing in my seat, waving my arms up and down, tapping to the beat and trying to sing along.  If it sounds cool, it wasn’t.  Not even close.  Princess would have died if she saw me.  The newspaper guy actually laughed when he saw me passing him.  But it was all good.  I haven’t had this much fun in a car in a very, very long time.  I arrived at the office with a happy heart, ready to face another shitty day of work.

I challenge you to try and sit still and not crack a smile, as you watch and listen to this awesome video for an ancient rap song.   An extra bonus is the fact that it’s superhero themed and all!

I’m impressed Dude, I’m impressed.


You might be wondering what kind of heavy ball dropped from the sky and fell on my head for breaking an impressive line-up of music to post this specific song?  It’s actually very simple.  I’m heading over there this week. On business off course.

Am I excited? Hell yes!

Will I take off my shirt? Hell no!

Will I grab a beer? Seriously?

So here’s WILL SMITH strolling past a few of the sites I’m hoping to see during my short stint in MIAMI.

Only Time

We’ve all had weeks like this, or rather, like that, as I’m referring to the last one.  A week that kicked off at the pace of a dying snail, with every minute being 130 seconds long. Only to speed up and finish with a mad dash that would make Usain Bolt envious.

Even though nothing in life is more predictable than the fact that time waits for no-one, the irony lies in the fact that specific situations influence our interpretation of how fast it moves.

When you’re doing something terrible, like sitting in a queue, it always feels like time has simply forgotten about your existence.  Compared to when you’re doing something fun, like being on a holiday, then time speeds past you like a freight train, with no consideration as to how much you actually needed said holiday.

Only Time can be that spiteful.  Or is it just me?

Anyhow, here’s Enya celebrating my love-hate relationship with time.

I loved her first

This week will go down in memory as the week when Princess started her academic career in High school.  Nothing else matters.

She’s all grown up now and I’m stuck having to cope with this new reality the best way I know how, blogged about it here.  Arriving at work, after dropping the kids at school, I shared my fragile emotions with a colleague.  She told me it only gets worse and her husband was left in a sobbing mess at the wedding of their daughter a few years before.

Mainly because the sadistic bride picked the song “I loved her first” as the opening song for their father-daughter dance.  Who does that?  If Princess tries to pull something like this MANY, MANY years from now, on her own wedding day, she must know that I probably won’t be able to move from my chair, never mind lead her in a dance.

One must thanks Heartland for capturing the exact feelings all fathers have when they reach the point of having to give their daughter’s hand to some prick who stole her heart…

Nice crying Dads…

Please don’t leave me

There is something odd happening on my Twitter feed.  Other than the fact that it’s highly entertaining once you remove all the crap that’s one can find on it.

I’m gaining a few followers here and there, but I’m also losing a few.  I know this for I only have 66, I mean 65 today.  Why would that be, I wonder?

Maybe I’m not funny enough.  Maybe I’m not relevant enough.  Maybe I’m not serious enough. Maybe I’m too old.  Maybe I’m too boring.  Maybe…

You know what? Who gives a f*ck, anyway? I enjoy tweeting.  And blogging. Who cares…

OK, I do.  Just a  little, so Please don’t leave me as sung by P!nk.

I really love the song and I consider this video to be one of her best. #Justsaying.