Love is all around

A long, long time ago in an era where poking friends implied a sexual activity and not something you do with fake friends on a social platform.  Or when twitter was the sound made by a sick bird and not something I could waste several hours on, there was a skinny squire with mousy hair and a stunning personality.  He fell in love with the prettiest maiden in all the land and low and behold she agreed to marry him two years later.

Twenty years later that awkward squire turned into a father and the most beautiful maiden is still the envy of every man who meets her.  We are still living our own happily ever after, even if we have to share our living space with two teenagers.

Celebrating my astonishingly, amazing Wife and our 20 years together, I’m posting the first song we heard as a married couple.  WET WET WET singing LOVE IS ALL AROUND.

I love you more, every day, since the moment we met and you’ve changed my life forever.


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