Crying in the rain

Men don’t cry.  It’s some sort of law.  You don’t cry when you get hit in the face.  You don’t cry when you get dumped.  You don’t cry during BigHero6.  And you definitely don’t cry when your laptop is stolen.

Even if you remember something you’ve lost every ten minutes.  And you play the “Only if” game every 10 seconds. Why didn’t you save your documents on the network drive?  One click.  Fuck.

But you didn’t.  It’s gone.  Everything.  And that makes you want to cry.  But you can’t cry. Because people didn’t die.

So I’m hoping for rain so that I can hide my tears whilst Crying in the rain as performed by A-ha.

PS – I cried through all of the above.


4 thoughts on “Crying in the rain

    • pieterk515 July 14, 2015 / 2:32 pm

      No there is two, I’m assuming the only song you’ve heard was The sun always shines on TV. Or was it Take on Me.

      Ooops, I think that makes three.


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