It’s a small break in my series of covers that everyone thought was originals…

And the reason for this sudden break in the normal programming?  Well, I think I now understand the concept of “rockbottom”.  I’ve seen first hand how difficult it is to fall that hard, albeit for a second.  It’s never a pleasant experience, whether you’ve hit this place in a relationship, or in a work situation, or at school.  It’s the same shitty spot for everyone.

The good thing about hitting the gutter is that you’re left with two options: You can (1) get up or (2) get up because the only alternative is to die there.

And this post is celebrating all the people who decide to go for option one.  Those who get up.

ROCKBOTTOM is sung by one of my favourite young artists of the moment, Miss HAILEE STEINFELD collaborating with DNCE.


You’re such a

Isn’t Hailee Steinfeld an actress?  Give me a second…

(Wikipedia just confirmed she is, Oscar nominated and everything.)

This is the go to song for Princess at the moment.  An anthem of sorts.  The teenage boys who make up our carpool are forced to listen to it every day.  And it’s a good thing.  The song makes me happy.  As a father I like the idea of empowering my daughter for seeing straight through some men.  For not taking all their shit.

Because as a man, I can confirm, some of us are pigs.

If she listens to the lyrics she will understand how it’s sometimes better to know, how some break-ups are required to eliminate all the d… in your life. You go girl!

For all the fathers of Princesses out there, I invite you to celebrate and sing along to You’re such a