Dude introduced me to this song to me on route to school this morning.  And I am blown away!!  I know it’s and old song but I never considered myself a fan of EMINEM because he raps.  And being the music snob that I was in my younger days, I missed this precious gem completely.

MOCKINGBIRD has to be one of THE most honest songs I heard.  It’s amazing, thought provoking, tragic in a way.  It’s a song he sings to his daughter about being absent, trying to best parent he could and the mistakes he makes along the way.

Maybe it’s because I’m a parent, but something stirred violently in my soul when I heard this song.  I had to fight back tears.  It’s just so raw.  Caring and nurturing and parenting has to be the epitome of what it means to be human and the reason why we’re placed on earth.


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