La Luna

I was listening to an eighties playlist this morning and was deeply disappointed in myself when I realised I’ve never posted a song of my teenage crush, the stunning and beautiful Ms BELINDA CARLISLE on this blog.  What’s wrong with me?

(I don’t really care whether she’s married or not, hence the title of Ms, as I prefer to imagine her being available, just like she was back in the day…)

This woman never looked more gorgeous than in her video for LA LUNA. Her naked, white skin, her striking blue eyes, that flowing amber hair. The promise of…My oh my…

I think I need a shower…

And by the way Britney, this is the original Slumber Party.  Just saying.


5 thoughts on “La Luna

    • Ahdad November 28, 2016 / 2:03 pm

      Me too. Twenty years ago. But I’m younger than you.


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