Peter Pan

Now for a little change of pace.  I’m kind of a closet country music fan in a way.

Even though I’m all for grabbing life by the short and curlies and running with it, some of us have a knack for crossing the line into adrenaline fueled territory where the boundaries between excitement and life threatening becomes blurry.  The junkies finding themselves in the midst of this lifestyle would probably call it “feeling alive” whereas I simply call it “being frigging insane”.

What’s great about the interpretation of the video is how it managed to capture the other perspective.  How their loved ones are continuously dumped into a pool of fear and anxiety.

The song might also be about people who fail to take responsibility in a relationship, who never wants to man up and grow a pair… Or maybe KELSEA BALLERINI is just singing about PETER PAN.

For an extra bonus, it’s not an ugly girl video.


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