Get thru this

I’m sorry was also one of their hits.  I’m talking about the band ART OF DYING.  (How the hell do they come up with these names? OK wait, I think I know…) I’m just using the phrase because some of the limited followers of this specific blog might not appreciate the rock phase I’m going through.  I can’t help it, I’m a man with a wide array of musical tastes.  (And personalities, it seems.)

BUT this is a another one of those great, inspiring and somewhat surprising songs.  Everyone has tough times and this song is an anthem to surviving tough times.  Because if you’re in it and you can GET THRU THIS, you can get through anything.

I found this song on one of the Transformers Soundtrack Albums. Don’t ask any questions…Just enjoy the damn song.

(I purposefully chose the lyric video because the actual video is crap.)


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