Can’t feel my face

I’m in Reinosa, Spain.  Far from home. For work, obviously, as I don’t ski.  Africa doesn’t have much of that white stuff lying around the mountains you find over here.

Besides someone forgot to switch of the sun because it’s nine thirty as I’m writing this and it’s still light outside. It’s also bitterly cold.  If you go to the dictionary and look up the words “effin freezing” you’ll see a picture of Reinosa.

Based on my limited experience of seasons and the general orientation of the Northern hemisphere I expected it to be spring.  I was wrong and therefore I’m asking for the resignation of my fifth grade geography teacher.  

The weather in Reinosa gives new meaning to the song CAN’T FEEL MY FACE.   THE WEEKND must have been here when he wrote it, as I understand completely what he was trying to convey.  Other than my face, I also battle to feel my legs, fingers and my nose.

Anyhow, enjoy the song and may it warm your heart and other crucial parts of your body.


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