What the hell

How can this happen? I feel like Rip van Winkle, waking up and a week has flown by.  Spring has come and by the time I woke up birds have raised their chicks already!  I sincerely apologize for not sticking to my post schedule like I’m suppose to on this blog.

So it’s an obvious choice to say What the hell, as sung by Avril Lavigne, based on the fact that I didn’t realize how quickly time has flew passed me in the last week. where was I?

Coincidentally, ‘What the hell!’ is also a phrase that has become increasingly more common in our household.  We are spooning our teenagers from using it.  Because it’s annoying.

Forgive the obvious product placement in the video, this was obviously after her rebellious, Skaterboy phase when she stood for anything BUT consumerism.


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