Smoke break

It’s a new song.  Your welcome.

And one of those songs that speaks to all of us who try our best to keep the balls of parenting, career, friends, marriage and family up in the air.  Those of us who understands that it is actually impossible to do perfectly and accepts the moments when you slip and all those precious balls ends up rolling in a million different directions across the floor. More importantly, the songs speaks to those who understands that the only thing to do when those balls fall, is to get on your hands and knees, gather them in a pile and start juggling.  Again.

Those who know we’re only human after all.

It’s a universal truth that there are moments when you just need to breathe.  To sit down and take a me-moment.  To take that drag and blow out your fretting in little circles or take a swig of that whiskey and burp you concerns away.

Why the hell not?  We all need a Smoke break every now and then as performed by Carrie Underwood.

By the way, pretty has never been ugly…


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