Please don’t leave me

There is something odd happening on my Twitter feed.  Other than the fact that it’s highly entertaining once you remove all the crap that’s one can find on it.

I’m gaining a few followers here and there, but I’m also losing a few.  I know this for I only have 66, I mean 65 today.  Why would that be, I wonder?

Maybe I’m not funny enough.  Maybe I’m not relevant enough.  Maybe I’m not serious enough. Maybe I’m too old.  Maybe I’m too boring.  Maybe…

You know what? Who gives a f*ck, anyway? I enjoy tweeting.  And blogging. Who cares…

OK, I do.  Just a  little, so Please don’t leave me as sung by P!nk.

I really love the song and I consider this video to be one of her best. #Justsaying.


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