Oops I did it again

To all my 21 followers of this little piece of the web…I’m sorry!! Please accept my apology as I only  realised today that Oops, I did it again as sung by Britney Spears.  I haven’t stuck to my promise of posting every day.

It’s been a roller coaster week at the office and I barely had enough time to post on that other site called Ah Dad…After much deliberation and maneuvering I did manage to post there and not here.  I suck, I know, but remember, this project is my blogging affair…not that I imply an affair should be neglected by any means…

Let’s move on and forget about the things I didn’t do.  Let’s rather sit back and enjoy watching Britney in some red spandex, doing what she does best, on Mars. The place where men are suppose to come from.  If so, then “Beam me up Scottie!”


6 thoughts on “Oops I did it again

    • pieterk515 August 21, 2015 / 1:25 pm

      See, the things you learn on this site. Another reason why I can not skip any more days.


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