Bad day

Don’t worry, I am not really having a bad day, I’m too much of an annoying optimist to allow myself to spend every waking hour sulking about things not going my way.  I’m just having one of those I-should-have-rather-stayed-in-bed kind of days.  You know, ones where the shit hits the proverbial fan and then rebounds, splattering brown bits all over your face, new shirt and shiny shoes.

Days where you drop f-bombs like glitter on a drag queen and “Ah fuck this!” becomes a catch phrase as you use it more often than “Hello”.  Days where the best thing about it would be the end.

So here’s to my less than perfect day. Knowing tomorrow will be a better one as it is Friday.  And a Friday can never be a Bad Day (as sung by Daniel Powter).  It’s against the law.

Cute video.


One thought on “Bad day

  1. jennypugh August 7, 2015 / 4:29 pm

    I hope you’ve had a good Friday 🙂


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