With or without you

So losing my laptop last week was a little more traumatic then I like to admit. There have been several moments this week where I found myself highly annoyed, to the point of exclaiming “Fuck!”

And that’s quite rare in my life, contrary to what some people might tell you.

The reason for me dropping f-bombs like a trigger happy soldier is that there are certain files and folders I keep on wanting to access in order to work.  Files that used to be on my old laptop and are now frustratingly missing from the new one.

But I’ve now reached the final frontier.  I’m officially over that old piece of crap, besides I like the speed of the new one.  Eventually this faster model will also have everything I need on it. And a few of my favorite series because the memory is also a LOT bigger.

I’m moving on With or without you as performed by U2.

Who knew Bono was ahead of his time?  Man bun anyone?


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