My Heart will go on

It is with much despair that I heard about the death of James Horner as a result of a plane crash yesterday.  The man was 61.  I love movies and an integral part of any good movie is the score.  I have a lot of appreciation for how composers contribute their creativity to the look and feel of a movie.

James Horner has composed many brilliant scores for popular films including, but not limited to Braveheart, Jumanji, Avatar, Troy, The Karate Kid, The land before time, Star Trek 2, Ransom, The Perfect Storm, Apollo 13, Legends of the fall, Deep Impact and The Amazing Spider man.

The man was an undisputed genius and his absence from the upcoming Avatar sequels will be sorely missed.  The man is probably best known for his wonderful score of Titanic, that little movie about a big, sinking ship for which he won two Oscars.  Which is why I decided to post the love theme from the movie, perfectly sung by Celine Dion.

James Horner, I salute you for your music and I know that it will inspire generations to come. RIP.


4 thoughts on “My Heart will go on

  1. Cheryl June 23, 2015 / 7:03 pm

    My morning alarm is set to an all news radio station. The death of James Horner was the first thing I heard this morning. Very sad.

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