Time after time

It’s weird this whole concept of ‘Time’.  Christopher Nolan tried making sense of it in the movie Interstellar but only ended up confusing most of us even more.

I finished my business in Sydney and arrived at the airport.  I’m too scared to end up in an Australian jail, so I don’t use my mobile phone whilst driving.  Once I was nicely settled in the inside of the airport, all checked in and bag-dropped, (Which is something you have to do all by yourself when flying Qantas, I’ll let you know!) I phoned the Wife.

Wanting to reminisce about my day, she wasn’t really in a place where she could talk.  She wasn’t actually ready to reminisce just yet, as she was pulling out of our driveway about to start her own day.  Princess wasn’t even at school yet.  Let’s just say the conversation was shorter than I expected it to be…

I told you, this time thing.  It’s weird.  So whilst we consider the sand falling through an hour glass, ticking of the seconds, why not listen to Time after Time as sung by Cyndi Lauper, as she’s so unusual, which coincidently was also the title of her first album.

(Nah…you know me better than that, nothing is coincidental here.)


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