Stayin’ alive

Sorry I know I skipped a day, which is why I’m posting on a Saturday.  Let’s blame it on jetlag, shall we?  It is evident that I’m not the young traveller I used to be.


You learn something new everyday, like the fact that the Bee Gees first gained popularity in Australia after moving there in the late fifties.  I discovered this interesting little titbit as I was trying to find a song that would celebrate my arrival on this big Island.  Sorry, I meant to say little continent.

The weather in Brisbane is phenomenally better than that of Auckland.  If only for it not raining.  So here to commemorate my latest trip to Australia, let’s drink to Stayin’ Alive as sung by the band where the lead singer is a guy wearing very tight underpants, aka Bee Gees.

Tight underpants is a requirement for singing those high falsetto notes.  Ask Adam Levine.


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