Woke up in Auckland after arriving at an ungodly hour earlier this morning.  (The pleasures of international travel.)  Fortunately I only had a three hour lay over in Sydney.  I’m confused as to what day it actually is, considering the fact that I lost 10 hours.  Or did I gain 10? (See what I mean)

Basically the time difference allows me to be awake when the Wife is asleep and visa versa.  Communication is wonderful especially considering that one of us will always be waking up at the time of the call. And we all know how chirpy I can be in the mornings.

Weather in Auckland sucks.  It’s like the Southern hemisphere’s version of England.  It’s cold and cloudy and it rains.  Non-stop.  And not torrential downpour, for that would mean it has to stop at some point.  No this is a fine, continuous drizzle that will soak you right to the bone.

Here’s to rain and more Rain as sung by Madonna.


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