Ballade vir ‘n Enkeling

I know, I know.  You must be thinking WHAT THE F?CK.  In my defence I would say: Stay Calm and Listen to Afrikaans.  And please forgive my little transgression…

My pick for the day is a song about being alone and can roughly be translated as “An Ode for the Loner”.  It’s a theme song of a highly successful movie here in South Africa.  And I couldn’t help myself, as I felt a little alone yesterday, stuck with my own anger, resentment and frustration.  You know, my own crap.

I’m much better now, thank you for caring, but I still reminisce about how weird life is with all its bumps and turns.  It’s not just about handling the great days, but also managing and getting through the crappy ones.  Here’s my ode to those of us who feel alone sometimes, even when we are surrounded by a million people.  And even more importantly, getting over yourself and moving on.

Let’s celebrate that victorious moment of the human spirit with Ballade vir ‘n Enkeling as sung by Die Heuwels Fantasties. In Afrikaans.


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