I’ll be there for you

This is a trip down memory lane as our family are binch-watching re-runs of Friends.  Introducing our kids to the shenanigans of Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Joey and Phoebe.  Every fan of the show  loved it because there was a association with the six of them.  We either identified with them personally or we knew someone who did.  It was all of us, making friends and figuring out adulthood in the nineties.  Our lives and dreams captured in the lives and dreams of those six characters.

The Wife and I still believe there has never been a comedy that could capture life in such a humorous way.  Even though Modern family comes very close.  Besides the fact that we had several LOL moments during every show, it’s also a testimony to true friendship and how important it is to have friends in your life.

I’m fortunate to be stuck with great friends, whom we love more than family.  And NO, I don’t want to see a reunion show, because it wouldn’t be the same.  We said our goodbyes with tears in our eyes.

Here’s to my friends and remember I’ll be there for you as sung by The Rembrandts.

PS – If this video doesn’t bring back the memories, you are either (1) Younger than 25 or (2) A rock.


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