Pretty Girls

Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea dropped their long anticipated single this week and it’s not that great.  With that being said, I’m not sure if any of her songs would stand the test of time when it comes to lyrical inspiration.  BUT, she is a pop princess and has managed to nail a “hook” more than once.  Most of her songs becomes involuntary earworms.  It grows on me. When I was much younger other things grew as well.

Point is, Pretty Girls is one of those inevitable earworms.  The more I hear it, the more I like it.  Listening to it this morning, Dude casually observed that this is a song straight men cannot sing in public, it’s only meant for the shower.   See if you agree.

Here’s Pretty Girls from Britney Bitch.  And that rapper chick from down under.


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