Not only is this a song featured in one of the greatest animation movies EVER, it’s also true.  The movie being Big Hero 6 which thanks to Disney, is another feature that made this grown man cry.  Twice.  I’m assuming you’ve watched it.  If not…Get your ass to the DVD store. Or Amazon.

Immortality is not just defined by being able to live forever, it’s about leaving a legacy that will remind people of your time on earth.  In some way it adds to my comments yesterday about deciding what type of person you want to be.  It’s choosing a path, and sticking to it, committing to the higher ground.  Aspiring to be a better human today, using the lessons learned yesterday.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to leave behind a legacy of love and laughter?   Something that’s eternal, everlasting.  Imagine, if you will, if that was the one desire of all the people on earth.  Wow.  Peace would be a given.  Yet, it might be possible, but it needs to start with you and me.

Life is not just about what happened in your past, but more importantly how you cope with those events and incorporate them in being a life-changing force going forward. Like the message of the movie. The victim becoming the victor.

Let’s all aspire to become Immortals as sung by Fall Out Boy

Must admit, I expected a LOT more from the music video.  What’s up with that?


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