Everybody hurts

I didn’t have a good night, had me some onion rings.  Had me some too many onion rings as I spend most of the night camping against a white, flushing, porcelain bowl, retching my lungs out.  Not a pleasant picture, is it?

It’s because I’ve been watching my diet for a prolonged period now and oil was never high on the list of things I’ve binged on during my cheat days.  Hence my body’s violent reaction to the oily shit I stuffed my face with during dinner.  The bad thing about the whole incident is that I have the symptoms of a hangover, without the fun and embarrassing situations that normally proceeds it.

I’m taking it very easy today.  There is not going to be any jerky, unexpected, sudden bursts of excitement.  As a matter of fact, I’m sitting at work, attempting to rehydrate my body with energy drinks and toast, but the rumbling in my stomach is only allowing access to water.  For the moment.

I know I’m not the first and won’t be the last person who’s feeling under the weather.  So to all those out there who’s not feeling as perky as they normally would be, remember this: Everybody Hurts at some point, as sung by REM.


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