The song that goes like this

I am having a great week!  Compared to last week it’s like I won the British lotto or something.  Technically, based on several text messages I have receive on my phone, I’ve won the lotto a hundred times, without even buying a ticket!  Great hey?

Things are really looking up this week.  The sun is brighter and my smile is wider.  My heart is singing a song of joy and I’m probably annoying most of the people around me.  But I’m sorry, things are just better.  The secret about good days is that you have to cherish them, celebrate them when they arrive; for they can carry you through the bad ones that are bound to arrive unexpectedly.

I know that when you have a bad day, the last thing you want to hear is how someone else is having a good one.  No-one likes it when you shove glee in their face in those times when days are dark, so I’ll stop.

Instead of posting a traditional song, I’m going to give you something to laugh about.  “The song that goes like this” is from the musical Spamalot and it WILL tickle your funny bone, even if you can’t find it.  There is an added bonus of Sara Ramirez piping out the vocals.  Hopefully this will result in a smile if you need one, or in a bigger smile if you’re wearing one already.

I bet you didn’t know the good doctor could sing.  Well, other than The Story off course.


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