Hymn to her

Sometimes when you hear a song it teleports you back to very specific periods of your life.  My pick for the day was a massive slow dance anthem when I was in high school.  “Slow dance anthem” should be read as “hard-core-make-out song”.  Whatever you want to call it, the basic premise remains the same, when this song hits the airwaves at a school dance, boys and girls rushed to the dance floor.  To make out.  I don’t think we (the boys) bothered listening to the lyrics.  We all know that when a teenage boy’s lips are busy, almost everything else shuts down.  Almost everything…

(Which is why Princess will become a Nun.)

As a grown man with a wonderful wife and amazing daughter, I have a new found appreciation for all woman.  They’re amazing creatures and even though men will never understand them, we can’t live without them.  So this is a Hymn to Her by The Pretenders.


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