The Man who can’t be moved

I’m facing a tough decision today, not a life-changing one, just a toughy.

Should I or shouldn’t I?  It’s a battle raging between want to do or need to do.  An arbitrary choice between what people expect of me or what I expect from myself.

Will I regret if I do it or will I regret if I don’t do it.  I said no, why am I considering yes?  Maybe I’m not.  Maybe I’m still leaning towards no.  I HATE making arbitrary decisions.  Wife says I’m labouring the issue too much, which is the ONE thing I do know.

Which is why my pick of the day relates to something I wish I was today, “A man who can’t be moved” by my all time favourite band, The Script.

I’m going no.  I think.


3 thoughts on “The Man who can’t be moved

  1. scottishmomus March 18, 2015 / 3:58 pm

    I hadnt heard of this group till yesterday when someone else posted about them. This is a great song, I really like his voice and sound.
    I always just go with my gut for music. And for any decisions where I can’t make up my mind. All the best with yours.

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    • pieterk515 March 19, 2015 / 5:44 am

      Thank you, and this Band is awesome. You should check out their albums. This song is from their first one, they have since released four.

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